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Route 3, 6, and 6L Detour March 11

Route Detour Effective March 11:

For approximately the next 45 days, the following detour will be in

E. 3rd at Smith Rd is now closed and will be closed until further
notice. The Rt. 3, Rt. 6 and 6 Limited will use E. 3rd St to Park
Ridge Dr, then to Hagan St to service the Reserve on 3rd Apartments.
The bus will then use E. 3rd St to Morning Side Dr (by Summer House
Apts) and then continue on Morning Side to Smith Rd. If you need the
bus at Smith Rd just before the Morning Side intersection, walk up to
the corner of Morning Side and Smith to catch the bus there.

Please call 812-336-7433 if you have any questions.

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