Providing Quality Public Transportation

About Bloomington Transit

Bloomington Transit is operated by the Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation (BPTC) in Bloomington, Indiana.The transit system consists of fixed-route bus routes operating seven days a week and a paratransit system focused on transportation for those who are not able to ride the fixed-route system.

Bloomington Transit provides vital transportation for Indiana University students and connects the community to destinations within the City of Bloomington.



To provide safe and high quality transportation services to the Bloomington community in a cost-effective manner
To make BT fixed route and BTAccess service more attractive to increasing numbers of people
To give special consideration to those whose transportation needs can most often only be served by public transportation (seniors, persons with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged).

To contribute and cooperate towards the economic and social improvement of the community
To provide a work environment for BT employees based on respect, integrity, and personal responsibility

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