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Customer Service line: 812-336-7433
Email: Cu******@Bl****************.com

Downtown Transit Center: 301 South Walnut Street
Administration Office: 130 West Grimes Street


Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation
130 W. Grimes Lane
Bloomington, IN 47403

Lost and Found

Contact us at 812-336-7433 as soon as possible. Have a description of the item, bus or route you were on, time when you were traveling and any other important details. We keep items at our Grimes location.

using the customer service contact form:

Contact us to provide a comment, complaint, praise or ask a question.

If the complaint is of a specific incident, please include as much information as possible so we can look into it (date, time, location, route number, 4 digit bus number, a description of the employee, and where you got on and off the bus if applicable).

These details will greatly aid in our investigation of the incident.

Phone: 812-336-7433

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