2-Hour Delay on Friday, Dec 23rd

All routes will operate on a 2-hour delay on Friday (23rd) to allow time for roads to be cleared in anticipation of inclement weather. 

1N: 8:30a-Meadows Hospital
2S: 8:21a-Countryview
2W: 8:19a-17th & Lismore
3E: 8:33a-IU Health Hospital
3W: 8:02a-Walmart
4W: 8:35a-Heatherwood
4S: 8:35a-Allendale & Walnut St Pk
5: 9:10a-Jackson Creek MS
6: 9:10a-Knightridge Apts/Kinser & Gourley
7: 8:25a-Clear Creek SC
9: 9:20a-Covenanter & Clarizz
11: 9:00a-Atlas Apts

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