Pay No Fare on Earth Day

Looking for an effective way to reduce carbon emissions and the warming of our planet? You may already recycle, install energy-saving light bulbs and turn down your thermostat. Instead of driving your car, how about taking the bus? Take advantage of us this Saturday, April 22, by riding Bloomington Transit for free!

Choosing to ride public transportation over driving a car saves 4.7 billion gallons of gasoline annually, and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Public transit vehicles emit fewer pollutants than single-passenger automobiles. Buses, for example emit 80% less carbon monoxide than a car.

A single person switching to the bus, subway or train can cut annual carbon emissions by more than 4,800 pounds.

With traffic gridlock getting worse in cities across the country, cars now account for about 50 percent of air pollution nationwide.

In addition, riding public transit reduces the emission of 156 million pounds of nitrogen oxides, which can cause respiratory disease.

Public transit also creates healthier communities as riders walk to and from bus stops, trains and helps combat the growing problem of traffic congestion plaguing cities across North America.