7 S Walnut/Clear Creek

Route 7: S Walnut/Clear Creek is a redesigned route that went into effect on August 15, 2022. The route combines the service previously provided through routes 7 Express and 1 South into a single route.

Rider Alert!

Effective: Monday, March 6th

Route 7 will no longer travel on North Dr, Walnut St on inbound service

Route 7 will travel Miller Dr > S Walnut St > E North Dr > Henderson St on outbound service

Route 7 will travel Henderson St > Miller Dr on inbound service


Route 7 operates a reduced schedule during IU breaks, including:

Labor Day
Fall Break
Thanksgiving Break
Winter Break
Spring Break
Summer Break




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Route 7 Break Monday-Friday

Leave 3rd & Walnut--7:10 AM7:40 AM8:10 AM8:40 AM9:10 AM9:40 AM10:10 AM10:40 AM11:10 AM11:40 AM12:10 PM12:40 PM1:10 PM1:40 PM2:10 PM2:40 PM3:10 PM3:40 PM4:10 PM4:40 PM5:10 PM5:40 PM6:10 PM6:40 PM8:10 PM9:10 PM
Hillside & Lincoln--7:14 AM7:44 AM8:14 AM8:44 AM9:14 AM9:44 AM10:14 AM10:44 AM11:14 AM11:44 AM12:14 PM12:44 PM1:14 PM1:44 PM2:14 PM2:44 PM3:14 PM3:44 PM4:14 PM4:44 PM5:14 PM5:44 PM6:14 PM6:44 PM8:14 PM9:14 PM
Henderson & North--7:21 AM7:51 AM8:21 AM8:51 AM9:21 AM9:51 AM10:21 AM10:51 AM11:21 AM11:51 AM12:21 PM12:51 PM1:21 PM1:51 PM2:21 PM2:51 PM3:21 PM3:51 PM4:21 PM4:51 PM5:21 PM5:51 PM6:21 PM6:51 PM8:21 PM9:21 PM
Clear Creek SC6:27 AM6:57 AM7:27 AM7:57 AM8:27 AM8:57 AM9:27 AM9:57 AM10:27 AM10:57 AM11:27 AM11:57 AM12:27 PM12:57 PM1:27 PM1:57 PM2:27 PM2:57 PM3:27 PM3:57 PM4:27 PM4:57 PM5:27 PM5:57 PM6:27 PM6:57 PM8:27 PM9:27 PM
College Square Apts6:31 AM7:01 AM7:31 AM8:01 AM8:31 AM9:01 AM9:31 AM10:01 AM10:31 AM11:01 AM11:31 AM12:01 PM12:31 PM1:01 PM1:31 PM2:01 PM2:31 PM3:01 PM3:31 PM4:01 PM4:31 PM5:01 PM5:31 PM6:01 PM6:31 PM7:01 PM8:31 PM9:31 PM
Henderson & North6:36 AM7:06 AM7:36 AM8:06 AM8:36 AM9:06 AM9:36 AM10:06 AM10:36 AM11:06 AM11:36 AM12:06 PM12:36 PM1:06 PM1:36 PM2:06 PM2:36 PM3:06 PM3:36 PM4:06 PM4:36 PM5:06 PM5:36 PM6:06 PM6:36 PM7:06 PM8:36 PM-
Hillside & Lincoln6:41 AM7:11 AM7:41 AM8:11 AM8:41 AM9:11 AM9:41 AM10:11 AM10:41 AM11:11 AM11:41 AM12:11 PM12:41 PM1:11 PM1:41 PM2:11 PM2:41 PM3:11 PM3:41 PM4:11 PM4:41 PM5:11 PM5:41 PM6:11 PM6:41 PM7:11 PM8:41 PM-
3rd & Eagleson6:51 AM7:21 AM7:51 AM8:21 AM8:51 AM9:21 AM9:51 AM10:21 AM10:51 AM11:21 AM11:51 AM12:21 PM12:51 PM1:21 PM1:51 PM2:21 PM2:51 PM3:21 PM3:51 PM4:21 PM4:51 PM5:21 PM5:51 PM6:21 PM6:51 PM7:21 PM8:51 PM-
Arrive 3rd & Walnut6:56 AM7:26 AM7:56 AM8:26 AM8:56 AM9:26 AM9:56 AM10:26 AM10:56 AM11:26 AM11:56 AM12:26 PM12:56 PM1:26 PM1:56 PM2:26 PM2:56 PM3:26 PM3:56 PM4:26 PM4:56 PM5:26 PM5:56 PM6:26 PM6:56 PM7:26 PM8:56 PM-

Route 7 Sunday

Leave 3rd & Walnut-9:1010:1011:1012:101:102:103:104:10
Hillside & Lincoln-9:1410:1411:1412:141:142:143:144:14
Henderson & North-9:2110:2111:2112:211:212:213:214:21
Clear Creek SC8:279:2710:2711:2712:271:272:273:274:27
College Sq Apts8:319:3110:3111:3112:311:312:313:314:31
Henderson & North8:369:3610:3611:3612:361:362:363:36-
Hillside & Lincoln8:419:4110:4111:4112:411:412:413:41-
3rd & Eagleson8:519:5110:5111:5112:511:512:513:51-
Arrive 3rd &Walnut8:569:5610:5611:5612:561:562:563:56-

Route 7 Monday-Friday

Leave 3rd & Walnut7:107:307:508:108:308:509:109:309:5010:1010:3010:5011:1011:3011:5012:1012:3012:501:101:301:502:102:302:503:103:303:504:104:304:505:105:305:506:106:507:108:109:10
Hillside & Lincoln7:147:347:548:148:348:549:149:349:5410:1410:3410:5411:1411:3411:5412:1412:3412:541:141:341:542:142:342:543:143:343:544:144:344:545:145:345:546:146:547:148:149:14
North & Henderson7:217:418:018:218:419:019:219:4110:0110:2110:4111:0111:2111:4112:0112:2112:411:011:211:412:012:212:413:013:213:414:014:214:415:015:215:416:016:217:017:218:219:21
Clear Creek SC6:276:477:077:277:478:078:278:479:079:279:4710:0710:2710:4711:0711:2711:4712:0712:2712:471:071:271:472:072:272:473:073:273:474:074:274:475:075:275:476:076:277:077:278:279:27
College Square Apts6:316:517:117:317:518:118:318:519:119:319:5110:1110:3110:5111:1111:3111:5112:1112:3112:511:111:311:512:112:312:513:113:313:514:114:314:515:115:315:516:116:317:117:318:319:31
Henderson & North6:366:567:167:367:568:168:368:569:169:369:5610:1610:3610:5611:1611:3611:5612:1612:3612:561:161:361:562:162:362:563:163:363:564:164:364:565:165:365:566:166:367:167:368:36
Hillside & Lincoln6:417:017:217:418:018:218:419:019:219:4110:0110:2110:4111:0111:2111:4112:0112:2112:411:011:211:412:012:212:413:013:213:414:014:214:415:015:215:416:016:216:417:217:418:41
3rd & Eagleson6:517:117:317:518:118:318:519:119:319:5110:1110:3110:5111:1111:3111:5112:1112:3112:511:111:311:512:112:312:513:113:313:514:114:314:515:115:315:516:116:316:517:317:518:51
Arrive 3rd & Walnut6:567:167:367:568:168:368:569:169:369:5610:1610:3610:5611:1611:3611:5612:1612:3612:561:161:361:562:162:362:563:163:363:564:164:364:565:165:365:566:166:366:567:367:568:56

Route 7 Saturday

Leave 3rd & Walnut8:109:1010:1011:1012:101:102:103:104:105:106:10
Hillside & Lincoln8:149:1410:1411:1412:141:142:143:144:145:146:14
Henderson & North8:219:1910:1911:1912:191:192:193:194:195:196:19
Clear Creek SC7:278:279:2710:2711:2712:271:272:273:274:275:276:27
College Square Apts7:318:319:3110:3111:3112:311:312:313:314:315:316:31
Henderson & North7:368:369:3610:3611:3612:361:362:363:364:365:36
Hillside & Lincoln7:418:419:4110:4111:4112:411:412:413:414:415:41
3rd & Eagleson7:518:519:5110:5111:5112:511:512:513:514:515:51
Arrive 3rd & Walnut7:568:569:5610:5611:5612:561:582:583:584:585:58


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