Recommended Service Scenario

UPDATE (10/2021): Following postponement due to Covid-19, BT is now planning for service changes to take effect in 2022. Service changes for Route 2 West are proposed to take effect in January 2022, with the full package of service changes to take effect in Summer 2022. 

In June 2019, our consultants at Foursquare ITP issued their final report and a Recommended Service Scenario for redesigning BT and IU’s transit system networks. BT staff presented the Recommended Service Scenario through a series of public input sessions beginning in Fall 2019.  Final service changes for BT are expected to be finalized in early 2020. Below you may view the Recommended Service Scenario for the BT and IU transit systems–click the image for an enlarged view. The Route Profiles may be viewed in the .pdf file below each map.

UPDATE February/January 2020: BT staff have compiled feedback received through input sessions and developed a set of adjustments to the Recommended Service Scenario. Adjustments were presented to the BT Board of Directors on January 21st and February 18th. BT staff’s adjustments may be viewed below:

BT Staff Recommended Service Scenario (Spring 2020)

Route Optimization Study Recommended Service Scenario (Summer 2019)

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