Route Optimization Study *New*

What you should know:

What: Bloomington Transit and IU Campus Bus have partnered with Foursquare ITP to take a comprehensive look at route networks in Bloomington. Foursquare ITP is gathering ridership and population data, along with community input, to determine strengths and weaknesses in the current system. After a full analysis, Foursquare ITP will present recommendations for how to improve bus service while working within existing financial constraints. Any changes in service must be budget-neutral.

Why: This is the first study of this magnitude to happen in Bloomington in many years. Since then, Bloomington has experienced remarkable growth, and the ecosystem of transportation options has evolved. BT bus service has grown and changed alongside our wider Bloomington community, and we now seek to understand how we may make public transportation more efficient and convenient.

When: The study has been underway since Fall 2018, and final recommendations will be presented by Foursquare ITP in June 2019. We are continuously gathering feedback from Bloomington area residents, transportation officials, and local stakeholders. Some changes to bus service could occur as early as Fall 2019, with full implementation taking place 2019-2020.

At Bloomington Transit we’re excited to make improvements to our route network to make bus service a more attractive transportation option for everyone.


For more information, please browse our Route Optimization Study tab, including reports issued by Foursquare ITP, to date.

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