Passenger Responsibilities

BTaccess passengers have the following responsibilities:

  • Schedule BTaccess service at least the day before a trip is planned. Trips can be scheduled up to 14 days in advance and are encouraged.  This allows BTaccess to plan for your trip and you have your reservation made well in advance.  
  • Paying the proper fare to the driver at the time of the trip.
  • Use BTaccess service only when regular fixed route service cannot be used because of the person’s disabilities.
  • Treat BTaccess personnel and other passengers with respect.
  • Be ready to board 15 minutes before and after the scheduled ETA.
  • Show up at the curb or door of your origin point to board the vehicle. It is not the drivers’ responsibility to look for the passenger in buildings or elsewhere.
  • Limit “no shows” and cancellations since these affect service availability and timeliness for others.
  • Obey all vehicle and service rules with respect to no eating or drinking on vehicles, no smoking on vehicles, no playing loud music, proper use of seatbelts, keeping service animals under control, not bringing oversized packages and other items, not asking the driver to attend to personal requests of the passenger such as entering their home, handling keys, medications, or running errands.
  • Repeated failure to adhere to the responsibilities outlined above may result in refusal of service and possible sanctions in future use of the service.




BTaccess is a shared ride service that must accommodate customer’s requested pick-up or arrival times. BTaccess relies on customers to show up for their scheduled trips in a timely manner. This helps to ensure that BTaccess will operate in the most efficient way possible. Understandably, there will be times when BTaccess customers may miss scheduled trips or be unable to cancel trips in a timely way for reasons beyond their control or their caretaker’s control. This policy outlines the expectations of BTaccess relative to customer obligations for showing up for scheduled trips and canceling scheduled trips in a timely manner.

Definitions: The following are definitions of terms used relative to BTaccess service.

No-Show.  A no-show occurs when a customer fails to appear to board the vehicle for a scheduled trip. This presumes the vehicle arrives at the scheduled pickup location within the pickup window and driver waits at least five (5) minutes.

Pickup Window.  The pickup window is defined as from 15 minutes before the scheduled trip to 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.  Customers must be ready to board a BTaccess vehicle that arrives within the pickup window. The driver will wait for a maximum of five (5) minutes within the pickup window for the customer to appear.

Late Cancellation.  A late cancellation is defined as a cancellation made less than one (1) hour before the scheduled pickup time or as a cancellation made at the door or a refusal to board a vehicle that has arrived within the pickup window. A late cancellation is defined as a no-show for purposes of this policy.

No-Shows Due to Operator Error.  BTaccess does not count as no-shows or late cancellations any missed trip by a customer due to our error such as:

  • Trips placed on the schedule in error by BTaccess
  • Pickups scheduled by BTaccess at the wrong pickup location
  • Drivers arriving and departing before the pickup window begins
  • Drivers arriving late after the end of the pickup window
  • Drivers arriving within the pickup window but departing without waiting the required five (5) minutes

BTaccess does not count as no-shows or late cancellations situations that are beyond a customer’s control that prevent the customer from notifying BTaccess that a scheduled trip cannot be taken such as:

  • Medical emergency
  • Family emergency
  • Sudden illness or change in condition
  • Appointment that runs unexpectedly late without sufficient notice

Customers, if able to do so, shall contact the BTaccess office when experiencing no-shows or late cancellations beyond their control


Following a no-show, if a customer is unable to complete the remainder of their scheduled trips for a day, they must call the BTaccess office to cancel them.  Otherwise, the customer may be charged a no-show for missing any scheduled trip.


BTaccess reviews all recorded no-shows and late cancellations to ensure accuracy before recording them against the customer. Each verified no-show or late cancellation consistent with the definitions in this policy counts for purposes of enforcing possible suspensions of BTaccess service. BTaccess service may be suspended to customers with excessive no-shows or late cancellations. Such suspensions of BTaccess service may occur under the following conditions:

  • The customer has at least four (4) or more scheduled trips in a 30-day time period using a rolling calendar; and
  • The customer accumulates three (3) or more no-shows during that 30-day time period; and
  • The customer’s rate of no-shows is 10 percent or higher of all their scheduled trips in that 30-day time period.

If all of above noted conditions are met, the customer may be suspended as follows:

  • 1st offense – 7 calendar days
  • 2nd offense – 14 calendar days
  • 3rd offense – 21 calendar days
  • 4th offense – 28 calendar days

Suspensions shall be reset to the 1st offense following one calendar year from the previous 1st offense.

BTaccess shall provide notice to the customer of all no-shows within five (5) business days following the date of the no-show along with instructions for disputing any no-shows. All suspension notices sent by BTaccess to customers shall include a copy of this policy with instructions on how to appeal any suspension.


Customers wishing to dispute specific no-shows or late cancellations must do so within ten (10) business days of receiving written notification of no-shows or late cancellations from BTaccess. Customers shall contact the Customer Service Manager at 812-336-7433, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to explain the circumstances and request removal of the no-show or late cancellation.


Customers wishing to appeal suspensions under this policy have the right to file an appeal. Such appeals must be in writing by letter or email within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of the suspension notice from BTaccess. Appeals may be initiated by the customer or by another person on the customer’s behalf. The appeal must document the specific reason(s) that the no-show or late cancellation should not be charged or was beyond the customer’s control. The customer will have the opportunity to be heard in person or may submit arguments in writing or in an accessible format.
Appeals must be presented by mail or delivered to:

BT General Manager
130 W. Grimes Lane
Bloomington, IN 47403-3014

Or emailed to the BPTC General Manager:

The BT General Manager will schedule a meeting of the BTaccess Peer Appeal Committee within 21 calendar days of receipt of the appeal.
Appeals of suspension of service shall be mailed, emailed or presented in person to:

BTaccess Suspension Appeal
Peer Appeal Committee
130 W. Grimes Lane
Bloomington, IN 47403-3014

If emailed, the appeal shall be addressed to: