Lotus Fest Detours 9/23/21-9/26/21

September 23 through September 26, Routes 2 West, 3 West, 6, and 6 Limited will detour due to Lotus Festival street closures as follows:

2 West outbound from the Transit Center will travel west on 3rd to north/right on Madison to left/west onto 7th St missing the Morton & 7th bus stop.  

2 West inbound to the Transit Center will travel from 6th, turn right/south onto College, then left/east onto 3rd.  The bus stops on 6th & Washington, and Washington & Kirkwood will be closed. 

3 West outbound will miss the bus stop no 4th @ Wonderland/B-Line trail as it travels n 3rd departing the Transit Center to right/north on Rogers.  

6 and 6 Limited eastbound will travel from College and turn left/east onto 3rd St, travel onto Dunn/Atwater, turn left/north onto Indiana, then turn right/east onto 7th St. Westbound 6 and 6 Limited will maintain its current detour of turning right/north from 7th onto Indiana to left/west on 10th.