East Kirkwood Closure

Portions of East Kirkwood Ave will be closed to vehicular traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week beginning March 25 through at least June 2021, resulting in 24/7 BT route detours as detailed below.

  • Route 1 inbound from the north will take Dunn Street, crossing Kirkwood, then turn right/west onto 3rd Street to the Transit Center 
  • Route 1 North leaving the Transit Center will take 3rd Street to Atwater/3rd and onto Indiana Avenue, missing Kirkwood
  • Route 1 inbound from the south will skip Kirkwood, going north on Indiana to west on 7th to south on Dunn and then onto 3rd St to the Transit Center
  • Route 3 coming inbound from the east, Route 4 from the south and Route 5 will come straight down 3rd Street to the Transit Center, missing Indiana, Kirkwood, and Washington
  • Route 5 outbound from the Transit Center will go straight out 3rd St, missing Lincoln, Kirkwood, and Dunn St