1,6,9 Detours 4/2/22

On account of the Jill Behrman 5K along several IU campus streets from 10 AM to 2 PM Routes 1 North, 6, and 9 will detour as follows, closing several bus stops:

I North inbound from 17th St will turn right (south) onto Indiana, right (west) onto 10th, left on Washington (south) to the Transit Center.

1 North outbound will travel north n Walnut, turn right (east) onto 10th, let (north) onto Indiana to 17th back on normal route.

Route 6 Eastbound from 7th St will turn left (north) onto Indiana right (east) onto 17th, right onto The 45/46 Bypass to 10th St back on route.

Route 6 Westbound from 10th will turn right (north) onto the 45/46 Bypass, left (west) onto 17th, left (south) onto Indiana, right (west) onto 7th St.

Route 9 Inbound to campus from the eastside will turn left (south) off of 10th St onto Union St then left (west) on 3rd. 

Route 9 outbound toward College Mall will travel north on Walnut, right (east) onto 10th, left (north) onto Indiana, right (east) onto 17th, right onto 45/46 Bypass, right (west) onto 10th St to accommodate Tulip Tree, then back on regular path of travel.