Bloomington Transit Service Alerts


East Kirkwood between Indiana and Walnut is closed in a few places, resulting in the following detours. All bus stops on East Kirkwood in this stretch are closed.
  • Route 1 inbound from the north will take Dunn Street, crossing Kirkwood, then turn right/west onto 3rd Street to the Transit Center
  • Route 1 North leaving the Transit Center will take 3rd Street to Atwater/3rd and onto Indiana Avenue, missing Kirkwood
  • Route 1 inbound from the south will skip Kirkwood, going north on Indiana to west on 7th to south on Dunn and then onto 3rd St to the Transit Center
  • Route 3 coming inbound from the east, Route 4 from the south and Route 5 will come straight down 3rd Street to the Transit Center, missing Indiana, Kirkwood, and Washington
  • Route 5 outbound from the Transit Center will go straight out 3rd St, missing Lincoln, Kirkwood, and Dunn St
ROUTE 1 NORTH: Construction on West 14th Street is detouring the route to 15th Street between Dunn and Walnut until further notice. Passengers may access the bus by flagging the driver on 15th intersections. ROUTE 6 Campus Shuttle: All bus stops in The Arch apartment complex are closed for several months except for the south entrance bus stop shelter for inbound trips. Check Doublemap for the path of travel and available bus stops.  

Not Operating

Route 7 does not operate during IU summer break period.

Summer Break Schedule

Routes 6 and 9 are operating the summer break schedule until the start IU's fall semester. 6 Limited is not in service during summer.