Bike and Ride

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Bicycle racks are available on all BT buses. Each rack holds up to two bikes at a time. Racks are easy to use, requiring just 10 seconds or less for loading and unloading. Most bicycles (including children’s bikes) will fit on the rack. No additional charge or special permit is required. To use the BT bike racks, simply follow the easy instructions below. Note: simplified instructions are also located on the bike racks.

Prepare your bike for loading

Remove water bottles, bags and other loose items that could fall off while the bus is in motion. Alert the bus driver that you will be loading your bike. Do not assume the driver sees you. You must load your bike from the curb or in front of the bus. Do not step into passing traffic to load your bike.

buses 004Squeeze handle to release latch, then fold down the bike rack. You only need to use one hand to unlatch and pull the rack down, so you can hold your bicycle with the other hand. It is not necessary to lean your bike against the bus.

 Lift your bike onto the rack, fitting wheels into proper wheel slots. Each wheel slot is clearly labeled, identifying the front and back wheel location.

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Pull the support arm out the raise the support arm over the front tire. It needs to be raised so that the hook rests at the highest point on the front wheel, but not on the fender or frame.

Board the bus and enjoy the ride! Choose a seat near the front of the bus to keep an eye on your bike. Don’t forget that you have a bike with you when you get off at your stop. New riders sometimes do!

How To Unload Your Bike

  • As you depart the bus, inform the driver that you will be unloading your bicycle. Use the front door to exit the bus. Unload you bike from the curbside, keep a safe lookout for traffic that is passing the bus.
  • Raise the support arm off the tire and lower it to the stowed position.
  • Lift your bike out of the rack.
  • While holding your bicycle in one hand, squeeze the release handle and lift the rack back to the stowed position. The bike rack will lock in place.
  • Step toward the curb with your bike when moving away from the bus. Wait for the bus to leave before you safely enter traffic.

Bike and Ride Safety Tips

  • The racks are available on a first come, first served basis. If the rack is full when the bus arrives at your stop, you will have to wait for the next bus to arrive. Bikes cannot be brought inside the bus.
  • For safety and security reasons, the driver cannot physically help you. You must be able to load your bike unassisted or have someone with you to help.
  • Do not use personal locks and/or chains to secure your bicycle to the bike rack.
  • Sub-zero temperatures may cause the rack to freeze and be inoperable.
  • Bloomington Transit is not responsible for personal injury, property damage, or property loss arising from the use of this equipment. Use at your own risk. Keep an eye on your bike while its on the bike rack.
  • If you have any questions or would like an in person demonstration, call us at 812-336-7433.