2022 Service Changes

Following the completion of BT’s route optimization study in early 2020, the recommendations for service changes that resulted from the project were put on hold due to the uncertainties surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. Since that time, BT staff have reevaluated those recommendations and drawn from them a set of 4 key components to implement in phases, beginning in summer 2022.

Phase 1, Summer 2022

  • Replace late evening service with BT-discounted trips on transportation network companies (Uber/Lyft)

Phase 2, Fall 2022:

  • Merge routes 1 South and 7 Express into single route: Route 7
  • Merge routes 3 East, 8 Local, 9 Campus, 10 Hospital into single route: 3 East
  • Standardize break schedules

PHASE 1: Summer 2022

Replace late evening service with BT-discounted trips on transportation network companies (Uber/Lyft)

  • 9:10p final departure from Downtown Transit Center (reduced from 11:10p)
  • Between 9:00p-12:00a trips within the service zone depicted below would be eligible for discounted rides on Uber/Lyft
    • Rider would pay first $1 of any trip, and BT would provide up $19 per trip by entering special discount code
    • Riders without smartphones may call BT to hail trips. In these cases, a BT dispatcher will relay the trip information using the Uber/Lyft administrative platform

With declining ridership in the late evening past 9:00p, and BT experiencing a driver shortage, the agency must consider alternatives for providing service at times when demand for mass transit is low.

PHASE 2: Fall 2022

Merge Routes 1 South and 7 Express: Route 7

  • 1 Hour Run Time
  • 20min weekday frequency (reduced 30min frequency during IU breaks)
  • Year-round service

The combination of routes 1 South and 7 Express would eliminate currently overlapping coverage areas and provide more consistent frequencies and schedules throughout the year. Whereas the current Route 7 Express does not run during IU breaks and summer, the combined Route 7 would run year-round.

map of routes 1 South and 7 showing bus stop on and off data


Merge Routes 3 East, 8 Local, 9 Campus, 10 Hospital: Route 90

JUNE 2022 UPDATE: Based upon the feedback we’ve received, BT will not move forward with the implementation of the Route 90. Instead, BT recommends the reconfiguration of Route 3 East to serve major east side destinations. Route 90 info is retained below for reference. 

  • 1 hour run time in each direction
  • 20min weekday frequency (reduced 30min frequency during IU break periods)
  • Year-round service

Route 90 would combine all of our current eastside routes into a single high-frequency, bi-directional loop route. Route 90 would operate buses simultaneously in its clockwise and counter-clockwise direction each at a peak weekday frequency of 20min.

map showing routes 3 east, 8, 9, 10 and 90

Route 3 East Reconfiguration

  • 1 Hour Run Time
  • 30min weekday frequency

Rather than implement the Route 90 as proposed, BT has developed a reconfiguration of Route 3 East. The reconfigured Route 3 East would operate a similar schedule to the current 3 East, including AM/PM loops through the Park Ridge East neighborhood. The temporary Route 10 to the hospital and Route 8 would discontinue service.

Standardize break schedules

Routes affiliated with providing service to IU Campus that reduce service during IU break periods would operate standardized break schedules throughout the year to provide more consistent service.

During IU break periods, the following routes would operate standardized break schedules

Route 6
40min frequency

Route 7
30min frequency

Route 90
30min frequency

For more information, contact Zac Huneck, Planning & Special Projects Manager

huneckz@bloomingtontransit.com or (812) 336-7433 x106