Rules for Riding

On Board Courtesy and Safety

Bloomington Transit’s highest commitment is public safety. Our bus operators are given extensive training on keeping passengers, pedestrians, and motorists safe.

Please help us in maintaining this high standard of safety by observing the following rules and suggestions.

  • Smoking is not permitted (by law);
  • No eating or drinking on the bus;
  • No offensive behavior or language;
  • No animals except service or guide animals;
  • No fuel containers or car batteries are permitted on the bus;
  • No oversize objects that cannot be properly secured;
  • No unauthorized weapons allowed;
  • Radios or other audio players are permitted only with the use of earphones.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Please keep children seated at all times.
  • For those who need to stand when seat capacity is at maximum or due to medical conditions, please hold on tightly to the poles, rails, or straps at all times.

Drivers are happy to give out information, however, please refrain from distracting the driver by conversing with him or her while driving. While the bus is in motion, no person is permitted (by law) to stand beyond the yellow floor line located at the front of the bus near the driver .

Joyriding is not permitted at any time.

Please note the designated seats at the front of the bus intended for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

Passengers must board at the front doors. Please have fare, passes, and IDs ready when boarding. If possible, we ask that you exit the bus using the rear doors. If you need to cross the street after exiting, do not walk in front of the bus. Please wait until the bus drives away before crossing the street.

Passengers are allowed to board buses going in the opposite direction from their destination in order to avoid crossing a street without paying an additional fare.

Thank you for your part in maintaining a pleasant and safe environment for your fellow passengers and bus drivers.