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BT Is Hiring

Bloomington Transit is hiring for three positions:  one part time BTaccess dispatcher/supervisor, … Read more about this story...

New Route 7 Schedule

Effective January 9, 2017, the Route 7 Henderson / Walnut Express schedule will change, notably on … Read more about this story...

Welcome Back IU Students

Fall bus schedules for Routes 6, 6 Limited, 7, 9, and 9 Limited have started. These schedules are … Read more about this story...

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Why Ride Transit?

Save Money. Bus passes are very affordable and gas prices continue to rise. If you live and work on route, you can get to just about anywhere you need to go in town using the bus! Some out of town passengers even park their cars and use the bus for transportation throughout the day to […]

Where is the bus right now?

Track BT buses in real time, right now at or download the free app on iPhones and Androids through the Apple Store & Google Play. Features: choose which routes you want to view see the buses traveling in real time on a Google map locations of each bus stop announcements from the dispatcher

Save Money, Save Gas

In these tough economic times with high gas prices, everyone is looking for a way to save money. We encourage you to substitute Bloomington Transit  for your car more often. Utilizing your public transit system is an economical way to save money, particularly when gas prices are high. The latest APTA Transit Savings Report shows […]