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BT Is Hiring

Bloomington Transit is hiring for three positions:  one part time BTaccess dispatcher/supervisor, … Read more about this story...

New Route 7 Schedule

Effective January 9, 2017, the Route 7 Henderson / Walnut Express schedule will change, notably on … Read more about this story...

Welcome Back IU Students

Fall bus schedules for Routes 6, 6 Limited, 7, 9, and 9 Limited have started. These schedules are … Read more about this story...

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Transit Center Bus Parking

Displayed below is a diagram showing where the routes park at the Transit Center. Route 7 Does not drive into the lot. It stops on 3rd along the north side of the Transit Center building.

For your safety, please walk on the sidewalks, colored blue on the map, and not in the parking lot where buses travel.