How To Use Fares and Passes

Please visit the following pages for more information about Standard or Special Fares and Passes, Transfers and Where To Buy Fares and Passes.

Adults without Passes
Exact fare of $1.00 is required and placed into fare tank at time of boarding. Fare tanks have a coin slot and dollar bill slot. Drivers do not carry change.

Place your ticket in the dollar bill slot of the fare tank at the time of boarding.
Reduced fare ticket holders must present valid Reduced Fare ID card, Medicare card, or BT-issued Student ID Card.

Adult customers with Passes (Monthly Pass or Semi-Annual Pass)
Simply present pass to the driver at time of boarding.

IU Students and Employees
Currently enrolled IU students and employees ride BT free upon presentation of the following valid photo IU identification cards: The new Crimson Card and older IDs that have not expired, those reading “Student”, “Hoosier Link”, Employee”, Faculty”, and “Staff” are acceptable. IU-issued photo IDs reading “Bus Puss” are also acceptable if not expired. The driver may closely examine IDs to ensure validity.

Special Fares or Passes
When boarding the bus, passengers paying reduced fare or using a Reduced Fare Pass must present one of the following valid ID cards: Medicare card, BT-issued Reduced Fare ID card, or BT-issued Student ID card.

Students (K-12) paying the reduced fare of 50 cents must present the bus driver a BT-issued student ID card upon boarding. School-issued ID cards are not accepted.

Seniors (over 60) paying the reduced fare of 50 cents must present the bus driver a BT-issued Reduced Fare ID card or Medicare card upon boarding

Summer Fun Pass
Kids K-12 must present both their Summer Fun Pass and BT-issued student ID card to the driver. Summer Fun Passes can not be shared.

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