How To Ride

Riding the BT Bus

An Image of a Bloomington Transit Hybrid BusPlease wait until departing passengers are off the bus before you board. Have your exact fare or pass ready when you board the bus. Drivers do not carry change. For passengers who qualify for Reduced Fare, be sure to present your BT- issued picture, Medicare card, or student ID card to the driver when boarding the bus. If you need a transfer slip, ask the driver for one when you board the bus.

Please save front seats for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Persons using wheelchair have priority for in the designated wheelchair areas. If all seats are occupied, please move to the rear of the bus so that others can board and alight more easily. If you are carrying large items, such as boxes, carts, or strollers, please do not block the aisle.

BT drivers announce major intersections and destination points along each route. As the bus nears the location where you want to get off, pull the cord located above the windows or press the yellow strip between the windows. A bell will alert the driver to stop the bus at the next stop to let you off. After exiting the bus, for your safety, please do not cross the street in front of the bus. Wait until the bus passes before crossing the street.


Transfers are issued to provide service between two points not served by a single route. Transfers are only issued to customers who pay a fare or board with a Bloomington Transit paid pass. Transfers are free and valid for the next bus to your destination at locations where routes intersect. Transfers are only issued at the time of boarding. Transfers may not be used for a return trip. Transfers can also be made between BT and Rural Transit routes at the terminal located at the 3rd & Walnut Transit Center. Beyond the Transit Center, transfers can only be made at locations designated on the current System Map with the “T” transfer symbol.

Bus Stop Signs

Bus stops are marked with BT bus stop signs located along routes throughout the city. Please use these designated stops to wait for arriving buses. BT buses may stop to let passengers off at street corners assuming there are no safety hazards. Call 336-RIDE (7433) for the location of the bus stop nearest you or open Doublemap and see every bus stop on every route.

On Board Courtesy

Please observe a few courtesies for the benefit of other passengers and our drivers: no smoking (by law); no eating or drinking on the bus; no offensive behavior or language; no animals except service or guide animals; no fuel containers or car batteries are permitted on the bus; no oversize objects that cannot be properly secured; no unauthorized weapons allowed; radios or other audio players are permitted only with the use of earphones. Please keep children seated at all times.

Drivers are happy to give out information, however, please refrain from distracting the driver by conversing with him or her while driving. Joyriding is not permitted at any time. Persons with disabilities, children, or senior citizens are allowed to board buses going in the opposite direction from their destination in order to avoid crossing a street without paying an additional fare.