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BT Is Hiring

Bloomington Transit is hiring for three positions:  one part time BTaccess dispatcher/supervisor, … Read more about this story...

New Route 7 Schedule

Effective January 9, 2017, the Route 7 Henderson / Walnut Express schedule will change, notably on … Read more about this story...

Welcome Back IU Students

Fall bus schedules for Routes 6, 6 Limited, 7, 9, and 9 Limited have started. These schedules are … Read more about this story...

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Bloomington Transit is an integral part of the community. If you are a resident of Bloomington, or a visitor, we hope you will enjoy your time traveling throughout our beautiful community. To learn more, please visit the links below.

Visitors Center If you are visiting our fine city, these are some of our favorite places!

Local Landmarks and Destinations Bloomington has many famous and beautiful landmarks and destinations. Visit this page to see a few!

BEAD The Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District offers more than 100 restaurants and an eclectic blend of entertainment from live music and theatre to a lively street scene in the heart of town.  Plentiful shopping, galleries and other attractions add to the mix. The City of Bloomington and Indiana University hosts several arts and music festivals each year accesssible by bus.

Social Networking Bloomington Transit keeps up-to-date information on our Twitter and Facebook websites. Please follow-us to get the latest route information!