6 Campus Shuttle & 6 Limited

Shuttle: If you live on N. Walnut or N. College this is the route to take to get to the 10th Street area of campus as well as the the Memorial Union. Route 6 is also the best way to get to campus along 10th Street from many off-campus apartment complexes such as Fountain Park, Woodbridge I-II-III, Meadow Park, Yorktown, Reserve on Third, Knightridge, and Colonial Crest. This route also provides great service to and from Eigenmann and other residence halls on 10th Street. Route 6 is a good way to get to the Business School, Wells Library, Geology, Psychology, and others. During the IU fall & spring semesters runs every 20 minutes on both the east and west sides of the route, Monday through Friday during the day. During IU semester weeknights this bus runs every 60 minutes up to 12:30 a.m. Also runs every 60 minutes on Saturday, Sunday, and on weekdays during the summer months and break periods.

Limited: This route is very similar to the 6 Campus Shuttle, however, it only runs a shortened version of the 6 Campus Shuttle. The western end of the 6 Limited is Smallwood Plaza. The eastern end of the 6 Limited is Fountain Park apartments on 10th Street. The 6 Limited generally runs between trips of the 6 Campus Shuttle. The 6 Limited only runs on weekdays except during IU’s winter, spring, fall, and Thanksgiving breaks.